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Secrets of Master Networkers

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From Fabienne Fredrickson, Founder and President of (twice recognized on the Inc. Magazine 500/5000 list.)

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How to create a NO-FEE sales force that works consistently to get you clients (without you having to do any work).

The ULTIMATE ICEBREAKER for networking I still use that will allow even the shyest person to easily approach people. (Yes, even you!) 

What types of clothes you should ALWAYSwear to networking events to make networking more enjoyable for you.

The ONE area of any networking room that is the kiss of death! Avoid this area to make networking work for you. 

How to use popular online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get more clients. Using social media for networking is critical to your success in getting new customers through networking.

There actually IS a networking proven formula you can follow. And I’m ready to walk you through it, step by step.

I’m ready to teach you:

Your PERSONAL ROADMAP to deciphering which groups are going to yield better results. (Don’t even think about networking for new customers until you read and grasp this crucial concept.)

A simple 2-step process to fish exactly where the fish are (instead of fishing in the wrong pond and getting few results like you’re probably doing now.) Learn where to go to network.

All the tricks to turning your business card itself into a well-oiled referral machine in any industry – financial, health and wellness, public relations, retail or any business.

The 7 elements to a KICK-BUTT elevator speech that will stop their eyes from glazing over and finally get you a TON of new network contacts..

How to leverage your existing networking efforts into new opportunities and CASH COWS.

The one question I came up with (and always ask) at any networking event that will triple your networking results. What question can you ask at a networking event that will always get new clients? I’ll tell you…

I’ll give you my best tips on using networking to get customers - what you should always add to your networking that will get them to remember you days after you’ve met them.

Exactly what to say to GRACEFULLY end a conversation to continue mingling (without hurting anyone’s feelings.)

I’ll give you suggested icebreakers for networking, too.

A step-by-step script of exactly what to say when networking when they express interest (so that you can close the sale.)

The BIGGEST difference you need to know in order to achieve amazing results by using the power of online social networks by networking through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Once you apply these steps, even if you apply only one or two of them, you will start seeing results of new customers through networking.

Apply more than one or two and you’ll start noticing some REAL business coming to you in the form of new clients through networking. Implement ALL of them and you too will become a Networking Guru and Client Attraction machine!

There’s no need for you to reinvent the networking wheel. Just take these steps, one at a time and start working these secrets on using networking to get customers into your own systems.

Secrets of Master Networkers: How to keep your practice consistently FULL just with networking.

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